Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Is This Vince Cable Really a Best of Britain?

I may not have been in Britain long enough to have known the antecedents Mr Vince Cable, but I am certain that his disgraceful comment to an undercover reporter that he has declared a war on Rupert Murdoch empire is as foolish and disgracefully incompetent as it is politically embarrassing. Since last night, I have been wondering how a man at the peak of wisdom age and yet so devoid of wisdom could have risen so highly in British political leadership. If indeed it is not some early signs of mental deterioration, one wonders what level of role merit really plays in ascending to political power positions in Britain. How do people get to the parliament of Great Britain, by merit or by birth or privilege or by connection?
It may sound crazy to most people, but I am not aware that any man or woman that speaks the level of wisdom Mr Cable spoke on Rupert Murdoch (a man who has committed no known crime) will hardly ever rise to be a Senior member of the Federal Executive Council of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Nigeria certainly is by all standards a backward and retarding country with open and unpretentious ethnic bigots in power positions, but we have never heard a Minister say ( even if he is actually doing it) something like, “I am going to use my power to frustrate the economy of Igbos”.

Mr Cable’s comment about resigning to bring down the coalition if pushed too far may be explained as a political tactic, but there can be no acceptable basis for his outburst on Rupert Murdoch. All that can be said on the basis that he is an adult of sound mind is that it was probably an overflow of long suppressed bigotry or just a calculated unintelligent outburst miscalculated as a popularity enhancing point. In the characteristically unintelligent Liberal Democrats worldview, he may have thought that people would like him more if he stops "that Murdoch business monster", but like his equally incompetent and desperate boss Nick Clegg (who foolishly thought that declaring he does not believe in God would make him the next Prime Minister, he got it very, very wrong.
In any case, it was most unwise for a person of his calibre to have made such comment to anyone not a cabinet colleague or closely associated and trusted person.
I am sure that even in Nigeria that it is very rare to find a minster that would make such a foolish comment to a person that was foreseeably a journalist or at least a kiss and tell even though in Nigeria what the media say does not really matter.

Monday, 20 December 2010

This Italy is Very Much Like Ali-Igbo!

This is my third visit to Gemona Del Friuli, the Northern Italian village of our in-laws and I can nolonger suppress my thoughts about how similar we are as a people yet so backward in comparison with the progress of our in-laws.

I see in Gemona civilised version of Ali-Izhi (Izhiland or Izzi Land)imagininging how my homeland could be only if we could pursue the goal of societal development beyond individual survival!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Who Brought This Woman Here?

I am watching Question Time now and have seen something that is really worth noting here. A female MP panellist called Nadine Dorries is the worst I have so far seen in Britain.
Unless, I have caught her on her worst day, I find it shocking that a woman so hollow, so shallow in reasoning and so representative of mediocrity is representing a community of highly intelligent people in England of all places.
This Woman’s contribution in the debate on the issue of University Tuition fees was most cringe-worthy and absolutely disgraceful!
She simply could not answer questions asked and went on rambling like an incompetent woman that got her position through an unholy means. She was transfixed with trying to invent a new defence for tuition fees that she simply scored zero in listening test.
I will be surprised if the mainstream media does not pick up MP Dorries’ shambolic performance tonight on the Question Time.

Perhaps, the climax of MP Dorries’ demonstration of mediocrity was when she claimed that most (or did she say all) people in her constituency are complaining about their taxes being used to subsidise university tuition fees when actually they have never benefited from University education. She was basically arguing that one reason for the hike was because those who have not ( and may never) benefit from University education are paying taxes to sustain universities. She foolishly could not notice the conspicuous mass cringing around her, from the floor and of course from across the country and continued to hammer that disgraceful point.
It would be a big shame if no media picks up this woman’s show of shame and ultimate embarrassment of the Conservative Party.
Lest I be accused of sexism, Ms Dorries was not the only personification of British mediocrity on the panel. Mr Danny Alexander was not much better. He was another shameful show of nastiness. John Sargent was spot on when he described him as pathetic!
I must confess that my views about these two have not been shaped by their nasty stand on the tuition fees debate, but purely on their performance. If they had been able to debate to the standard expected of their level, I would not have found anything noteworthy. My views have absolutely nothing to do with their support for the hike in tuition fees.

Friday, 5 November 2010

China 'urges Britain to boycott Nobel ceremony' - Yahoo! News UK

China 'urges Britain to boycott Nobel ceremony' - Yahoo! News UK

My View

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
How would British leaders and all of us as a people like to see China attend a Bin Laden’s Islamic defenders award ceremony in Afghanistan or Iran?
I fear that the contemporary Western leaders’ incompetence and idiocy would lead the world to another major global conflict.
Continually trying to deride China even now that show has proven to be unstoppable; to me is a show of tactlessness and incompetence probably based on a primitive notion of White superiority!
Western media and governments have no moral or legal rights whatsoever to teach China how to govern its own people. If there is any basis for the West or the White World to dictate the principles and practices of human rights for the rest of the world, the question then is what exactly has the West done in practical terms to protect the human rights of the most oppressed?
Africa has at least since around 1885 Berlin conference been largely under firm control or strong influence of the Western powers. How far has the West protected the human rights of the most vulnerable Africans since the past 50 years? How much did Britain and America protect Biafrans between 1967 and 1970; Black Africans of Sudan, people of DRC and generally the impoverished and abused people of all countries in Black Africa(excluding Zimbabwe which has always respected human rights more than Nigeria) where human rights are seen as luxury . It is on record that the West especially Britain, unfortunately, through our self destructive media organisations have always only seen human rights abuses in Black Africa only where a British person feels injured.
I do not agree that Black Africans and the Caribbeans should be blaming our White masters for our own failures as it contradicts any belief in equality of all humans to do so. However, if our White masters in the Western powers must arrogate themselves the divine responsibility for all humans on the planet, then they should be much quicker at protecting the rights those under their noses (e.g. Black Africans and the Caribbeans) than those very far away from their control (e.g. China and North Korea).
In any case, for those who are blinded by some fake human rights noise (especially some fanatical White Supremacists who hide under liberalism e.g. people in Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and dubious White Journalists who habitually fight selective fights), Western media publicity /criticisms of suspected human rights abuses in Countries like China, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Iran etc) have always rather than ameliorate, worsened the state of human rights in those societies. It is therefore very hard to see how Western fake obsession with human rights for others has ever really helped the supposed victims of human rights abuses. How has Western noise about human rights really helped Aung San Suu Kyi? If she had not been seen by the majority of Burmese elites as a Western puppet, would she not have been a free woman leading her country today? What benefit either to the people of Burma or Suu Kyi herself has western interference in the internal affairs of Burma been?
As an enlightened Black African, I make these comments with grave concern because I know the importance (to my vulnerable people) of the West remaining in good control and able to moderate the affairs of the world. I know that the rise of China, India and others would naturally leave Black Africa vulnerable to further slavery and colonialism, but I will never advocate for the fall of China for every nation is entitled to pursue development. In fact, pursuing development is pursuing own survival and as such impeding or interfering with Chinese development in any way (by unreasonably criticising her or by honouring her traitor) should be seen as an act of provocation by all sensible Chinese. Yes, I have never lost grip of the fact that when China and India reach their destinations, my people would suffer, but I will never ask others remain as backward and exploitable as Black Africa as it does not make the world a better place. All I ask for is that the West should be wiser by appreciating the fact that times have changed and is continually changing fast.
The West should be working towards maintaining its position as the conscience of the world rather than foolishly (through its media especially British media) trying to give other peoples of the world ideas or strong reasons to question Western divinity and or moral grounds or suitability as a Judge or master or police over others. The brazen practice of disparate measures for assessing human rights violation (according to Western economic interests rather than any objective parameters) as was all seen in the case of Zimbabwe against other Black Africa countries where no White man’s interest or right was infringed and remains in the case of North Korea and Burma etc will only lead to the demystification of West and possibly fall of Western leadership of the world.
The key to continued Western leadership of the world lies in genuine belief and practice of democracy and human rights principles within as well as equitable treatment and assessment of world affairs or internal affairs of others.

Monday, 1 November 2010

On the Education Secretary, Michael Gove's plan to let top schools expand

What really do English people understand as equality?
I voted the Conservatives hoping that the so-called nasty Party is now dominated by sensible young men determined to repair the country after 13 years of Labour disaster.
I hoped that in the “New Conservatives”, I would see more competent young men and Women determined to do things differently.
Disappointedly, what I have seen so far is the same bunch of "out of touch" privileged adolescents jumping around in service of the media instead of the people.
What does Britain stand to gain by entrenching segregation among schools and the culture of desperate scrambles for so-called best or better schools? Why does it seem harder for Britain to maintain the same high standard in all school rather continually encouraging discrimination and unhealthy competition for so-called best schools?

The duty of the government should be to set the same standard for all schools and pay special attention to those schools not performing as they should (not the other way) with the view of bringing them up to the acceptable standards!
Is it correct to say that Britain is a fundamentally unequal society and that our leaders are determined to maintain the class divides?
Would it not have been more intelligent for a government of "reformers" populated by supposedly intelligent privileged kids from the same select schools to be striving to promote equal opportunities in the sense of encouraging (even pretentiously) a new Britain where any person that works hard irrespective of socio-economic background should be able to achieve her/his ambition?

See public approval of my comment on the following link: http://uk.buzz.yahoo.com/article/1:yahoo_uk_irel306:1c166215a0e81b2fe5bcbf453727d538/Gove-plan-to-let-top-schools-expand

Monday, 18 October 2010

My Children will One day ask your Children about what you are doing to me today!

Who knows whether Employment Judge Pearl would twist my statement to him today against me in the most sinister way – for example alleging that I threatened him after all it would sound plausible to accuse a Black man of acting aggressively or otherwise threatening. Anyway, I can no longer be too shocked by anything in Britain because I have already experienced dozens of things that no sane minded person even in Osama Bin laden neighbourhood would believe could happen in Britain. I have experienced dozens of atrocities (in the hands of Judges in Britain), which I find difficult to tell people in Nigeria because nobody would believe me.
Today in particular Employment Judge Pearl once again made me feel ashamed of being a lawyer.
I had predicted what happened today in my letter to the Attorney General on 27 September 2010 which I also copied Employment Tribunals (ET) and Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). I thought that crying out about an impending abominable act would forestall it, but I was very wrong. The aspect of my letter to the Attorney General for England & Wales that dealt with what happened today is copied below. Please read to understand the issues:
“Impending Judicial farce in my second claim against Badenoch & Clark (a recruitment agency) and Others: This is a case that gives further credence to a suspicion of something really mysterious happening in the Employment Tribunal system.
B&C’s lawyers, Sheridans, incompetently and or negligently failed to respond within 28 days which elapsed at 23:59hrs on 30 December 2009. Instead of filing its response immediately it realised its failure, Sheridans wrote the Tribunal asking for my claim to be struck out for being an abuse of process. This was a laughable application because B&C had no grounds, to make any such application, even if the application had any merit whatsoever.
Helpfully, Employment Judge Pearl reminded the respondent’s Sheridans, as I had done that it had no basis for making any such application when it had not even responded. B&C then forwarded its response on 12 March 2010, more than 2 months out of time and Employment Judge Pearl rightly in line with the rules, rejected the response and ruled that B&C will not take active proceedings in the proceedings – meaning that I had effectively won my case against B&C.
B&C had 14 days to apply for a review if it did not like the decision and 42 days from 26 March when the decision was sent to the parties, to appeal in the EAT.
The time for appealing to the EAT elapsed on 7 May 2010 at 4.00pm, but B&C had done neither review application nor filed a Notice of Appeal.
On or around 27 May, 2010 during the part-hearing in my first claim against B&C and Others, EJ Wolffenden suggested that a CMD which had been scheduled for my claim against the Second Respondent in this claim was meant for discussing “…the First Respondent’s failure to respond”. This was never stated in the Notice of CMD that I received. In any case, B&C had indicated it was not opposing the decision of the ET and it is impossible to discuss such a matter in a CMD as failure to respond within the time limit could only be addressed by way of a review hearing if the Respondent applies for a review (B&C had not applied for any review). It was further baffling, how or where EJ Wolffenden got what she said from?
I promptly reminded the EJ that B& C had neither applied for review nor filed a Notice of Appeal.
However, on 1 July 2010, B&C applied for a review claiming that it had changed its mind against not challenging the ET’s decision to debar it from taking active part in the proceedings.
My concern here is that the ET is probably scheming to find a way of accepting B&C’s Response even though it would plainly constitute an abuse of process. Besides, even the response of B&C and disclosures it made lately show that it has no valid defence to my claim, in any case ( e.g. the CVs it purports to have forwarded do not meet the very criteria it claim that I did not meet to be forwarded). There are clear indications here that some Employment Judges are determined to ensure that I must never be successful in any claim”
For the avoidance of any doubt, the Employment had no legal or moral basis at all for allowing B&C’s late response today, not just because there is no judicial precedence , but most importantly because it is an unmitigated abuse of process. B&C’s Counsel apparently searched all law libraries in England and Wales and could not find a case where a Defendant or Respondent who was debarred from taking active part in a proceeding or had the alternative, a Default judgment against it because it was out of time, indicated it was not going to challenge the Court’s decision (missed the deadline for applying for review by 2 Months and missed deadline for appealing by more than a Month), but after 2 Months changed its mind, asked the Court to allow it to defend the claim and the Court agreed.
Some experienced may rightly imagine that the Respondent may have had a highly meritorious defence. Interestingly, there is nothing of that sort. In fact, the response of B&C to my claim is purely scandalous if not simply idiotic because it appears obvious that while desperately scouting for CVs that would dwarf mine and present its defence as strong; it foolishly forgot what it had stated in the past in respect of some of the jobs. For example, in the case of Freedom of Information (FOI) Lawyer it claimed in its response to my claim that I was not put forward for that job because I did not possess any experience. It produced an old version of my CV which did not show that I had any FOI experience. When I showed Counsel for B7C some correspondence back in September 2009 which showed that B&C confirmed to me in writing that it was going to put my CV forward for that role, the story, he changed the story to say that I was actually put forward for that role but that its clients did not accept my CV.
In the case of Part Time Employment Lawyer, I had received an email on October 8 2009 from one Paul Gledhill of B&C who stated that the reason he was not putting my CV forward to its client was because there were many high quality applications for the role and that they were only allowed to submit just 3 candidates. He equally indicated that all the candidates submitted were practicing Barristers and Solicitors.
Interestingly, in its response to my claim B&C maintained that it was highly competitive but forgetting what Mr Gledhill had initially represented claimed that it forwarded the two best CVs. Even more interesting is the fact that none of the two CVs showed any evidence of any practicing Barrister or solicitor. In fact one of the candidates actually possessed no legal qualifications at all.
Perhaps, the most incontestable evidence in my favour was the series of emails where the former lawyer of B&C named Ms Rabi who incompetently and or ignorantly, repeatedly wrote me very harsh emails stating that B&C would no longer act for me, falsely accusing me of being rude, and aggressive towards B&C’s staff. This was a prima facie evidence of Victimisation handed to me on the platter of gold as the false accusation only came about after I had brought a claim against B&C and most importantly, there is no single evidence that any staff of B&C that handled any of the jobs I applied for ever complained about me.
Despite my past experiences of judicial farce from Employment Judge Pearl and others I mounted my best advocacy against determination to allow B&C ‘s response by drawing his attention to apparent weakness in B&C’s response and equally highlighting several act of fraudulent conducts and misrepresentation by B&C including the fraudulent application it made on 4 January 2010.
I believed that Employment Judge would not be so conscience ridden to allow B&C’s application, but he proved me very wrong again. I even reminded him that in March 2009, he refused to exercise discretion in a discrimination claim which was only a few minutes out of time, but he feigned ignorance of it. I then reminded him of a sound judgment he passed in the case of Ahmed v Amnesty International which he excitedly recalled, but refused to be as astute in my own case.
I only hope Mr Pearl would seriously think of my last words to him since he apparently wrote them down. I told him what came to my mind “If you have children, please note that one day my children will ask your children about what you are doing to me today” I reminded him that my children are British and would almost certainly grow up one day and ask his children about what he is doing to me.
For my readers, I am not really desperate for your sympathy or didactic sayings and advice. I am only desperate for community leaders, religious leaders and the general public of Britain to hear my story and to rise and stop what is happening to me from happening again to any other person in Britain. I am not going to stop fighting because I have a stake in this country as my children are born here and could suffer the same ugly fate tomorrow if not challenged today. I am desperate to tell my story because I want to ensure that the accurate account of my life in Britain is maintained and that those who are hiding under the global acclaim of the English legal system to fraudulently destroy the life of an innocent man have the opportunity of proving to the world that I am actually a mad man. I am writing my story and will continue doing so as I fight on because if anything happens to me tomorrow, the same mainstream English media that “blacked me out” in my claim against the Bar Council and would not follow my story because I am not a celebrity or for some other unknown reasons, would concoct a false story about me. Further, my experiences so far confirm to me that it may be possible to hang a crime on me in order to jail me or even for a corrupt police man to be used to shoot me and brand me a terrorist caught in the act. I have therefore decided that my only choice while I am still alive is to fight the fight that has befallen me at all cost.
The only possible explanation I can deduce, why every judge in the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal seem to have sworn an oat to defeat any claim I may bring is because I had the guts to challenge the Bar Council of England and Wales’s obnoxious policy which makes it impossible for about 70 % of those who pass their bar exams and called to bar each year to be able to practice as barristers. In fact, since the policy came into place in 2003, it has been far more difficult than it was in the 1980s for Blacks and some other minority groups to be able to obtain practicing certificates as barristers. I believed (perhaps, foolishly) that I was in a free and democratic country where you can complain or challenge something you believe to be wrong. I am now paying a heavy price. Perhaps, I should have been wiser not to have challenged them, but I spent over £15,000 pounds to train as a Barrister and I come from the part of the world where it is an abomination to stop a man from legitimately earning a living. I cannot get a befitting legal job in any public sector organisation and or through the recruitment agencies which they often use as conduits for discrimination and if I complain of discrimination the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal judges would fight my claim even more ferociously than those I complain against. I am being put in a situation where I am bound to bring complaints in the Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunals where Judges are waiting happily to frustrate my complaints at all cost.
My promise is that I will never give up as I know that my children and other people's children would suffer similar fate. I promise to fight on even at the risk of losing my life or at least inconveniencing my family. I have committed no offence and cannot accept to be treated like a subhuman in a country that holds itself out to the world as a beacon of freedom, fairness and equality.
I will keep readers updated with my story as it unfolds.
John Iteshi
Barrister (Non-Practicing)
18 October 2010

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ed Miliband

I must say that I have been since the inception of the Labour Leadership campaigns, disgusted with the manner the media (acting in the interest of the political establishment) brainwashed and imposed either Ed or David Milliband on the public.
The people never stood any chance of electing a labour leader whose name is not a Miliband. Diane Abott despite being far more recognisable and far more experienced was never given any publicity and was in fact only propped up by one of the Milibands.
My disgust actually turned to more fascination than anger (about British politics) after it took one of the Milibands to get Diane on the ballot. I became fascinated about how British politics works ( in gangs just like Nigeria or indeed based on individual convictions).
How did the Miliband brothers become heavyweights in the Parliament over Diane (an old soldier) and numerous others?
Now that a Miliband has won, but not the Miliband favoured by the media and the strongest gang in the parliament, I have no choice but to watch like everyone else. I am however happy not just that the better looking Miliband won, but that the main favourite did not win. It is interesting when both the media and political establishments are unable to have their way exactly. Much more interesting is what could happen before or in the next election.
I predict that Ed will either not last till next elections or will lose because he is not fully accepted!
It is up to the Unions to rally round their man and refuse to be pushed, but it is also up to the new leader and the unions to appeal to Middle England as it is called, in order to have any chance of smelling 10 Downing Street!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

This Justice Minister Cannot Argue His Case!

I am watching a House of Commons debate on Defendant Anonymity being proposed by the Justice Minister Hon Crispin Blunt.

I find Mr Blunt's advocacy excruciating because he is simply unable to produce a sound commonsensical argument why Defendant anonymity is necessary.

I am wondering whether a square peg has been put in a round hole here.

He claimed that there is no significant number of false accusation in rape while accepting that about 10 percent of rape accusations have been false. He said it is not different from any other crime.

He further maintained desperately that the reason for the new law has nothing to do with the issue of false accusations.

He repeatedly failed to justify why rape defendants should be treated differently from other defendants despite virtually all the speakers asking this question.

I thought painfully that this man ought to have said one simple commonsensical point that rape is a unique kind of offence which normally attracts a special kind of stigma. It is without doubt more likely that a man of unblemished character would be falsely accused of rape than being falsely accused of theft or fraud. Moreover, due to the nature of rape (often involving just the victim and the accused), it is far easier to charge and prosecute an innocent person based on lies than in other crimes. In other crimes, it would be easier for the police to judge the credibility of the accusation before charges are brought!

I do not know why it did not seem a good argument to him or those who advised him to say that rape is a different kind of crime and that individuals falsely accused of rape are in a different league from those falsely accused of theft for instance.As stated above it is far more easier to accuse a decent man of rape than of other crimes. All it would take for a clean man to be falsely charged of rape is a conscience ridden female friend.

In my general view, the media and their over zealousness are the greatest obstacles to administration of criminal justice in the UK. I believe this Minister was scared of how his view may be interpreted. I would support defendant anonymity of defendants in rape cases because of the unique nature of the crime of rape!

In the case of rape, there seems to be political pressures here and there for more convictions. My fear is that undue hysteria about convicting people for rape could cause injustice!

All that is needed is a reliable legal system that does not allow itself to be swayed by media induced sentiments!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

British Genuinely Blacks, Politically Blacks and Race Mongering

I should never have found time to write anything not particularly pressing now due to the many challenges I am currently facing , but I just felt I cannot go to bed without commenting on what I have just read on today’s London Evening Standard (07 July 2010).
At page 24 is a story with a title: “£100,000 appeal to stop portrait of freed slave going abroad”. Of course, this title caught my attention right away, but I soon noticed that the portrait which is pictured bedside the story appeared too civilised and too Arabic to have been a genuinely freed African slave as both the title and the first line of the story suggest.
Without reading further than the first few lines, my stomach was already turning as I found it hard to bear the pain of the falsehood. I took a closer look at the picture and wondered how an African slave (assuming the man was pure Black African (Negro)) could have been able to practice Islam to the extent that he wore a Koran on his neck. However, I encouraged myself to read on.
Before reading beyond the first few lines, I pondered in agony how gullible supposedly enlightened Black opinion leaders have become in Britain as Kwame Kwei-Armah, a prominent Black British man is pictured as one of the supporters of the portrait alongside one Arab African, Zeinab Badawi. The fact that the erudite Kwame who ought to know more than most others about the history of Trans-Atlantic slave Trade can be so easily swayed to dance at the image of an Arab African as the first portrait of a freed African slave worried me to revulsion.
I felt frustrated about how to immediately educate Kwame that the image he is worshiping could have been more of a slave master than a slave.
After calming down a bit, I continued reading the story and unsurprisingly it confirmed that the so-called freed African Slave was in fact a Slave dealer who incidentally was somehow paid back in his own coins. Probably he offended his European slave trading partners and they thought him a lesson or his fellow slave hunters/traders for some reasons conspired and sold him.
How could a person of Kwame’s intellectual standing be so na├»ve to celebrate a portrait of an Arab slave dealer as a portrait of a freed African slave? I can understand the case of some politically black British men and women queuing to moan black this black that as usual, for selfish ends( when it suits them), but cannot understand why a supposedly enlightened Black man like Kwame who ought to know his history, could be so gullible!
For the avoidance of any doubt, I do not have any grudge against Arab Africans and certainly do not say that the alleged freed slave, Suleiman Diallo of The Gambia was not a Black African. All I say is that he was not a pure Ne-gro Black African susceptible to trans-Atlantic slavery because he was a civilised Arab African who was naturally a slave trader (or middleman to European slave masters) rather than a victim. He never fell within the population of potential or actual slave subjects and as such could not have qualified as an African slave in the sense we know.
All I say is that Black people should be informed that our more civilized Arab brothers (including Arab Africans like this man) were principal actors in the transatlantic slave trade. It must also be noted some Black Africans also sold their flesh and blood into slavery and that the wickedness /primitiveness which caused Arab Africans and Black Africans to sell their own people into slavery are still with us!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

BBC 3's Peckham Finishing School for Girls: The Worst TV Programme

The short programme info says: Four privileged girls taste life on the other side of the tracks...
This 3 part documentary featured the so-called privileged girls acting like White messiahs visiting a previously unknown primitive village in an Amazonian forest.

There are a few interesting things in the programme, fascinating Peckham individuals, but the so-called posh girls acted in the most depressing manners like people falling from another planet to find strange creatures in Peckham.

My beef about some girls falling from the countryside to posh up to some Peckham girls in a civilised man discovers a previously uncontacted primitive people in a jungle manner is that it is plainly fake.

If you are so posh that you are unfamiliar with rap music or Jamaican dance hall and most of what you would see in Peckham urban life, you may have excommunicated your self from the society.
Even members of the royal family, the poshest of the posh would not be as fake and what the hell is that towards Pekham as these frustrated, self obsessed so-called posh girls.
It is a shame that the BBC uses licence payers' money to sponsor pointless programmes like this.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

BBC News - Diane Abbott enters Labour leadership contest

The BBC reports that Diane Abbott has joined the Leadership Race. Good luck to her.Lets see how far the media supports her bid!
She is certainly one the most (if not the only ) useful Black MP in Britain as she makes some efforts to address issues that affect her ethnic community. Even though, I am a Nigerian, I will rate her high as a Black leader!
However, the English media opinion leaders as the de facto rulers of Britain would determine who becomes the next Labour Leader.
In a genuinely free democracy, Ms Abbott should be among the top runners, but this is Britain were anyone could be promoted to any height any minute!
May be, if she was younger Black woman or man, the section of the media rooting for a British Obama would have gone for her! May be, if she was younger, White and attractive, she would have been an instant hit!!
I will not be surprised if David Lammy jumps in soon as I suspect he is definitely involved in the primitive scramble to be British Obama or London Obama.

BBC News - Diane Abbott enters Labour leadership contest

Friday, 7 May 2010

Labour Party is Desperate!

Seeing Harriet Harman argue that the Labour Party and the Lib Dem should be allowed to form an alliance despite still falling short of the over all majority was excruciating!

I have never imagined that people could be this desperate for power in the first world!
She is unable to answer clear questions - just rambling about stability. What stability in rejected parties being allowed to lead over the winning party?
What a twisted mind!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I Voted the Conservatives and Will Do it Again!

Of course, I know that Black people in Britain generally believe they should vote the Labour, but I chose to vote for Change!

My beef with the Labour Party is simply that they are full of hypocrites and not good for Britain.

The notion that the Conservative Party is racist and anti-immigrants was not persuasive enough to sway me because I do not find any real difference between the main parties as they are all made up of mainly privileged few!

However, I wanted to change from a hopeless bunch of hypocrites to the Conservatives because I am hoping for a better crop of leaders!!

I also believe that a Conservative government would try to win people for future mandates.

It is also not sensible for Black people to cluster themselves in the Labour Party...

I voted for Hope over Fear and wish David Cameron a no hung parliament!

I want to see David Cameron as the new PM tomorrow!

Friday, 30 April 2010

Nick Clegg Campaigning to Labour Supporters

Nick Clegg is addressing a large number of Students at Leicester University.
The Nick Clegg feted by the media and praised as the New Obama rarely gets any applause in his speech. In fact the students are plainly laughing at him with some boldly displaying banners reading Vote Labour right before him. You would think he is for the Labour Party as the Vote Labour banners were the main Party banners visible. Only one banner reading I agree with Nick.
Why is the BBC not telling the world that Nick is been jeered at here?

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Here Comes the Biggest band of Idiots of Britain!

I have just read that some idiots who call themselves Atheists plan to arrest His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI when he visits the UK and that their solicitor has advised them that they would be able to do so because in their small world, His Holiness is not a Head of State.
I have always known that there are professional attention seekers in Britain, but I have never imagined this kind of foolery among people who are supposed to be educated!
Even if it is correct (which is clearly not so) that the Pope is not a Head of State, no idiot would ever think it is possible to attempt to arrest him in Britain let alone any other country of this world for whatever reason, without grave consequences!!
This must be one of the most stupid dreams ever dreamt. The so-called Solicitor, who claims that the Pope is not a head of state, surely is incompetent because a few seconds research would have informed him that the Pope is the Head of State of The Vatican City as well as the head of the Holy Sea.

Any individual or group whether or not backed up by some fame-seeking solicitors, thinking about arresting the Pope must be suffering from a very bad malaria!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Where is the Evidence that Nigerians have had Enough?

I have consistently criticised Nigeria’s so-called civil society groups for ineffectiveness and have similarly faulted the “Enough is Enough” campaign which is being praised in most Nigerian internet forums as a dawn of a new era. Hence, this morning when I found the website of the Enough is Enough, I immediately left the following comment to further express my views:

I support and praise anyone devoting his or her time to demonstrate against the failure of Nigeria. I generally like the concept of Enough is Enough, but my deep concern is that a demonstration organised by a coalition of more than 10 organisations could not produce more than a small bunch of men and women hanging around and posing for the cameras.
I am very sorry, that I have not seen any evidence that "Enough is indeed Enough" among supposedly enlightened Nigerians.
What I see is an attempt to apply a kind of Abacha/YEAA era style insincere rallying and demonstrations towards a good cause!
Of course, we all desperately need to see Nigerians wake up from our slumber and ask the right questions about our affairs, but we must be brutally honest about addressing the diseases of our unfortunate country. Seeing and celebrating progress where there is none is delusional and because a crowd of less than 2,000 cannot represent any indication that Nigerians are tired of their hopeless system.
My advice for this group is to apply a little bit of sincerity and dedication to their chosen project which is a noble one. Before seeking media and internet attention, go to the Universities, secondary schools, markets and churches to mobilise Nigerians through good arguments.
The first and most important impact you can make is waking up Nigerians. Once, you wake up Nigerians to understand the need to have a successful Nigeria, things will naturally work out as we want it for the most serious disease of Nigeria is the ignorance of the masses especially the educated ones.

After posting my comment, I was tempted to take a closer look at the website where I saw the video of the much talked about Enough is Enough demonstration in Abuja.

I must say that I was moved by the video of the Abuja demonstration, but my concerns were not allayed by it. Yes, I saw really “daring” (by Nigerian standard) young men and women; I saw a well organised and well controlled demonstration, but I did not see anything worthy to be called a historic march by any standard.

Of course, I would be rightly criticised by those who see a march of just about a thousand or even less Nigerians (mainly middle-aged men and women addressing themselves as youths) as a serious mass action by “Nigerian youths”, as being an armchair critic. Of course, I know that some hungry and ignorant Nigerians abroad who brand themselves “Diaspora” (a title that is now claimed by virtually any Nigerian that ventures to visit any European country even for a few months) have unreasonably segregated Nigerians abroad to the point that Nigerians at home, both genuine and dubious ones ( like most of our leaders) are often quick to greet any criticism from a Nigerian abroad with something like “why don’t you come home and do it?”. Of course, I also ought to be restrained in my criticisms bearing in mind my people’s saying about a hypothetical crippled man who said “I know what to say but I will not say it because I if I do, I would be challenged to get up and walk”, but I believe we are in an emergency and should put our collective survival ahead of personal survival.

Carefully, studying the videos and the media campaigns of the Enough is Enough group, I saw more issues of concern than issues of hope. I repeat my concern that a campaign organised by a coalition of well over 10 organisations could not organise a meaningful march in Abuja, the political capital of Nigeria. This may not have been noticed as a serious sign of failure of Nigeria to most watchers, but from my field experience and deep understanding of the Nigerian society, I think it is a sign that the campaign may be insincere or simply led by ignorant and desperate to be famous individuals who were not dedicated enough to mobilise for participants.

But then, what is wrong with an insincere campaign if it achieves something good – for example fundamental changes in the way things are done in Nigeria? Of course, we would all welcome any change for the better in Nigeria. I will personally support the Enough is Enough campaign in any way I can, if I see it as capable of making any real impact.

However, the fact is that the Enough is Enough campaign has not made any worthy impact to deserve the praises it has so far won from Nigerian media. A supposedly national march that is not comparable in size with an average village demonstration in the smallest countries of Europe and Asia cannot possibly be regarded as a success in a country of about 150 million people. The success of a demonstration is measured according to the level of attendance and not the level of media campaign/ empty praises.

I maintain my advice to the organisers of this worthy cause to focus on the grassroots first before media campaigns in the big cities. A genuine campaign should not start with fighting for media spotlight as this group seems to be scrambling for, but should first descend on our schools and colleges as well as churches, mosques and markets to convert ordinary Nigerians to their noble cause. I am sure that any serious attempt at mobilising people in Abuja would have resulted in a massive turn out as there are always millions of unemployed graduates loitering around Abuja.

The main disease of Nigeria is ignorance and it is not necessarily the ignorance of the uneducated that is the issue, but ignorance of the educated. Hence, focusing on Nigerian secondary schools and Universities at least, to campaign for the necessary awareness would be a good starting point.

I wish to add that the groups focus and strategy would need to be refined once the requisite mobilisation has been done. Demonstrations are not only organised by marching to the National Assembly. At least about 50,000 unemployed Nigerian graduates, descending on Abuja Eagle Square and refusing to go until one or more demands are met, would draw the attention of the whole world to Nigeria. A coalition of well over 10 organisations genuinely pursuing change should be able to attract more than a million unemployed Nigerians around Abuja or Lagos to a peaceful rally!

For the avoidance of any doubt, I did organise a one-man campaign against Exam malpractices in Abuja schools in 1999/2000, during my National Youth Service and I definitely got more crowd in the various schools I visited than this so-called National campaign. I also organised an essay competition and debate for schools on the same subject and got more attendance from across the FCT than this rally. I got no media attention, but the attention of a large number of real people who understood the issues I campaigned against.

I sincerely plead that my criticisms be taken not as an attempt to discredit the organisers of this noble cause. I have only voiced my concern that some individuals might be using the Enough is Enough to fight for self recognition, but I do not say that it is a crime to do so. What I say is simply that the organisers are free to float this campaign even for selfish aims, but that they could still be real heroes if they genuinely work hard enough to enable their achievements overshadow their underlying selfish interests.

We should have had enough of proliferation of fake and self-seeking NGOs begging for local and international recognitions; enough of insincerity, complacency and ignorance among educated Nigerians and enough of get rich quick syndrome whether as public servants or as “have nots” desperately seeking to get own chance to steal.

Incompetent and wicked people will continue to reign in Nigeria despite being in the minority, as long as the good people (the overwhelming majority of Nigerians) remain unable to organise themselves properly!

John Iteshi

London, 02 April 2010