Thursday, 20 May 2010

BBC News - Diane Abbott enters Labour leadership contest

The BBC reports that Diane Abbott has joined the Leadership Race. Good luck to her.Lets see how far the media supports her bid!
She is certainly one the most (if not the only ) useful Black MP in Britain as she makes some efforts to address issues that affect her ethnic community. Even though, I am a Nigerian, I will rate her high as a Black leader!
However, the English media opinion leaders as the de facto rulers of Britain would determine who becomes the next Labour Leader.
In a genuinely free democracy, Ms Abbott should be among the top runners, but this is Britain were anyone could be promoted to any height any minute!
May be, if she was younger Black woman or man, the section of the media rooting for a British Obama would have gone for her! May be, if she was younger, White and attractive, she would have been an instant hit!!
I will not be surprised if David Lammy jumps in soon as I suspect he is definitely involved in the primitive scramble to be British Obama or London Obama.

BBC News - Diane Abbott enters Labour leadership contest

Friday, 7 May 2010

Labour Party is Desperate!

Seeing Harriet Harman argue that the Labour Party and the Lib Dem should be allowed to form an alliance despite still falling short of the over all majority was excruciating!

I have never imagined that people could be this desperate for power in the first world!
She is unable to answer clear questions - just rambling about stability. What stability in rejected parties being allowed to lead over the winning party?
What a twisted mind!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I Voted the Conservatives and Will Do it Again!

Of course, I know that Black people in Britain generally believe they should vote the Labour, but I chose to vote for Change!

My beef with the Labour Party is simply that they are full of hypocrites and not good for Britain.

The notion that the Conservative Party is racist and anti-immigrants was not persuasive enough to sway me because I do not find any real difference between the main parties as they are all made up of mainly privileged few!

However, I wanted to change from a hopeless bunch of hypocrites to the Conservatives because I am hoping for a better crop of leaders!!

I also believe that a Conservative government would try to win people for future mandates.

It is also not sensible for Black people to cluster themselves in the Labour Party...

I voted for Hope over Fear and wish David Cameron a no hung parliament!

I want to see David Cameron as the new PM tomorrow!