Tuesday, 29 December 2009

White Supremacy Gone Mad!

The award for the most idiotic behaviour of the year must be shared by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, his childish Foreign Secretary/Foreign Office Minister and the cream of the British media who believed that the best way to appeal for clemency for Briton Akma Shaikh who was unfortunately executed by the Chinese authorities today, was by criticising the Chinese legal system and even seeking to impose British laws in China!
I find it appalling that the leadership of Great Britain and our supposedly intelligent journalists thought they were doing Mr Shaikh any favours by openly criticising Chinese laws and human right records.
The British media and our supposedly competent leaders have always given British citizens the false impression that British laws and culture apply to them even in foreign lands. The fact remains that being a Briton may grant you some reprieve if you commit an offence in Laos or Lagos or Accra, but not in any part of China simply because Chinese people unlike Africans for instance do not recognise Britain or the west as superior to them!
It does not require one to be a foreign affairs expert to figure out that open criticism of the Chinese legal system and death penalty was not going to yield any positive results.
This very sad incident must teach prospective British foreign offenders a hard lesson that British human right laws will not apply on them when they commit offences in foreign lands especially those places not mentally colonised by Britain or Europeans.
This is also a strong message to Britain and other westerners that China is not to be toyed with!!
British media and our laughable foreign affairs leaders must also learn to stop meddling or teaching others how to run their countries.
It is deeply worrying how our media and politicians cause deaths in Iran,Tibet and others among misguided opposition members who lose their lives in order to entertain western media and their governments on democracy and human rights actions.
For the avoidance of doubt, I do not support death penalty. I also do not support oppressive regimes, but I do know that if western media and their leaders stop meddling openly into the internal affairs of Iran, Tibet/China, Myanmar etc, there would be less loss of lives and probably more likelihood of human right and democracy progress in those countries. In any case, meddling only increases security suspicions amongst the ruling class which in turn would lead to violence towards opposition members. Meddling also causes irritation which is often responded to with harsher punishments to spite the toothless western bulldogs.
It is a matter of wisdom to know that a country like china cannot be intimidated by any country in the world today and that criticising their laws or even trying no matter how politely to teach them how to govern themselves would never be welcomed.
Britain did more harm than good for Mr Akma Shaikh
May his soul rest in peace!!!