Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Is This Vince Cable Really a Best of Britain?

I may not have been in Britain long enough to have known the antecedents Mr Vince Cable, but I am certain that his disgraceful comment to an undercover reporter that he has declared a war on Rupert Murdoch empire is as foolish and disgracefully incompetent as it is politically embarrassing. Since last night, I have been wondering how a man at the peak of wisdom age and yet so devoid of wisdom could have risen so highly in British political leadership. If indeed it is not some early signs of mental deterioration, one wonders what level of role merit really plays in ascending to political power positions in Britain. How do people get to the parliament of Great Britain, by merit or by birth or privilege or by connection?
It may sound crazy to most people, but I am not aware that any man or woman that speaks the level of wisdom Mr Cable spoke on Rupert Murdoch (a man who has committed no known crime) will hardly ever rise to be a Senior member of the Federal Executive Council of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Nigeria certainly is by all standards a backward and retarding country with open and unpretentious ethnic bigots in power positions, but we have never heard a Minister say ( even if he is actually doing it) something like, “I am going to use my power to frustrate the economy of Igbos”.

Mr Cable’s comment about resigning to bring down the coalition if pushed too far may be explained as a political tactic, but there can be no acceptable basis for his outburst on Rupert Murdoch. All that can be said on the basis that he is an adult of sound mind is that it was probably an overflow of long suppressed bigotry or just a calculated unintelligent outburst miscalculated as a popularity enhancing point. In the characteristically unintelligent Liberal Democrats worldview, he may have thought that people would like him more if he stops "that Murdoch business monster", but like his equally incompetent and desperate boss Nick Clegg (who foolishly thought that declaring he does not believe in God would make him the next Prime Minister, he got it very, very wrong.
In any case, it was most unwise for a person of his calibre to have made such comment to anyone not a cabinet colleague or closely associated and trusted person.
I am sure that even in Nigeria that it is very rare to find a minster that would make such a foolish comment to a person that was foreseeably a journalist or at least a kiss and tell even though in Nigeria what the media say does not really matter.

Monday, 20 December 2010

This Italy is Very Much Like Ali-Igbo!

This is my third visit to Gemona Del Friuli, the Northern Italian village of our in-laws and I can nolonger suppress my thoughts about how similar we are as a people yet so backward in comparison with the progress of our in-laws.

I see in Gemona civilised version of Ali-Izhi (Izhiland or Izzi Land)imagininging how my homeland could be only if we could pursue the goal of societal development beyond individual survival!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Who Brought This Woman Here?

I am watching Question Time now and have seen something that is really worth noting here. A female MP panellist called Nadine Dorries is the worst I have so far seen in Britain.
Unless, I have caught her on her worst day, I find it shocking that a woman so hollow, so shallow in reasoning and so representative of mediocrity is representing a community of highly intelligent people in England of all places.
This Woman’s contribution in the debate on the issue of University Tuition fees was most cringe-worthy and absolutely disgraceful!
She simply could not answer questions asked and went on rambling like an incompetent woman that got her position through an unholy means. She was transfixed with trying to invent a new defence for tuition fees that she simply scored zero in listening test.
I will be surprised if the mainstream media does not pick up MP Dorries’ shambolic performance tonight on the Question Time.

Perhaps, the climax of MP Dorries’ demonstration of mediocrity was when she claimed that most (or did she say all) people in her constituency are complaining about their taxes being used to subsidise university tuition fees when actually they have never benefited from University education. She was basically arguing that one reason for the hike was because those who have not ( and may never) benefit from University education are paying taxes to sustain universities. She foolishly could not notice the conspicuous mass cringing around her, from the floor and of course from across the country and continued to hammer that disgraceful point.
It would be a big shame if no media picks up this woman’s show of shame and ultimate embarrassment of the Conservative Party.
Lest I be accused of sexism, Ms Dorries was not the only personification of British mediocrity on the panel. Mr Danny Alexander was not much better. He was another shameful show of nastiness. John Sargent was spot on when he described him as pathetic!
I must confess that my views about these two have not been shaped by their nasty stand on the tuition fees debate, but purely on their performance. If they had been able to debate to the standard expected of their level, I would not have found anything noteworthy. My views have absolutely nothing to do with their support for the hike in tuition fees.