Friday, 8 March 2013

Bizarre Electoral Logic in Kenya!

Uhuru Kenyatta is clearly running away with it! The only likely obstacle to his achieving the desired 50%+1 of the total vote cast and avoiding a run off, appears to be the bizarre decision to add rejected and invalid votes to the total vote cast. This to me is an entirely hopeless idea because an invalid or rejected vote is definitely not a vote as it cannot be attributed to any candidate. The legal test could be "to whom was it attributed". If a vote cannot by any means be attributed to any candidate in the relevant contest, such cannot possibly be regarded as a vote. To treat an invalid or rejected vote as a member of the total votes cast is to distort the integrity of an election because such votes have absolutely no value and are in fact, not votes at all! I would love to see how any court of law could possibly find that votes that are invalid or rejected are part of the total votes cast when in fact, they were never votes cast, for if they were cast at all they would have not been in valid or rejected. I think the smart thing for the Kenyan electoral body to do is to physically examine all the invalid and rejected votes with the view of finding the intention of the voter. This seems to me to be the only honest and intelligent way!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

My Human Response to the Raging Anti-Catholic Sentiments in the Western Media

The Vatican is arguably one of the most influential states, despite being the smallest in the world. It is not surprising that it generates curiosity and / or conspiracies. It should also not be surprising that protestant Churches persist in finding faults on the Catholic Church as they should be, as humans, rightly envious about the continued vitality of the Catholic Church. Facts: The Catholic Church has passed through the worst trials imaginable and still standing very strong. The catholic Church remains not only the strongest Christian denomination ( non- of the old conventional churches - e.g. Church of England/ Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran etc is currently left with any real vigour). For the avoidance of any doubt, the Catholic Church is stronger even in England today than the Church of England. I challenge anybody at all to compare the number of catholic churches in the whole world that have been turned to a drinking joint or non-religious event venue compared with the number in England and Wales alone! Catholic Church leaders are human and can be fallible, just as the direct Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ were. There is no sane person linking His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, to any sex scandal. If at all, some Italian media organisation’s information that the Pope’s resignation was as a result of a certain internal findings in the Vatican that some key members of the Vatican were in some ways complicit in sexual abuses/immorality, is correct, it does not represent a weakness, but strength of moral principles on the part of His Holiness. Arguing otherwise would be like the oft-raised hopeless argument that Christmas should not be celebrated on the 25 December because it used to be the day for the worshipping of a certain ancient Roman god, which basically negates one Christ‘s own numerous victories, as it could only have been victory for Christ that a day used for worshipping an idol was replaced with worshipping and celebrating Him! Mainstream western media organisations are news makers and news merchants. They create news by any means permissible e.g. by over producing and over-marketing human brands like Princess Diana, David Beckham etc. Catholic Church has the most plausible claims to Divinity! Even if you wish to discard the fact that Pope Benedict XVI is a successor of Saint Peter, the Apostle of Christ - meaning that the Church today originated from the very Apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the fact the Catholic Church remains strong today despite what it has gone through is a clear testimony of its Godliness! Only something of God could have passed through what the Catholic Church has passed through in history and still be standing very strong!! A Word for those crying over celibacy. There is no evidence that the non-celibate protestant pastors are less likely to commit acts of sexual immorality than catholic priests. In fact, it appears to be the direct opposite. And I stand strong to be corrected! Being an Apostle of Christ, is best through celibacy as exemplified by Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles who completely abandoned their families to work for God. Christ knowingly avoided mixing marital life with the works of his Apostles. Our All knowing Lord of Lords, chose not to do this, meaning He approved celibacy for His Apostles. John Iteshi February 23 2013