Thursday, 8 July 2010

This Justice Minister Cannot Argue His Case!

I am watching a House of Commons debate on Defendant Anonymity being proposed by the Justice Minister Hon Crispin Blunt.

I find Mr Blunt's advocacy excruciating because he is simply unable to produce a sound commonsensical argument why Defendant anonymity is necessary.

I am wondering whether a square peg has been put in a round hole here.

He claimed that there is no significant number of false accusation in rape while accepting that about 10 percent of rape accusations have been false. He said it is not different from any other crime.

He further maintained desperately that the reason for the new law has nothing to do with the issue of false accusations.

He repeatedly failed to justify why rape defendants should be treated differently from other defendants despite virtually all the speakers asking this question.

I thought painfully that this man ought to have said one simple commonsensical point that rape is a unique kind of offence which normally attracts a special kind of stigma. It is without doubt more likely that a man of unblemished character would be falsely accused of rape than being falsely accused of theft or fraud. Moreover, due to the nature of rape (often involving just the victim and the accused), it is far easier to charge and prosecute an innocent person based on lies than in other crimes. In other crimes, it would be easier for the police to judge the credibility of the accusation before charges are brought!

I do not know why it did not seem a good argument to him or those who advised him to say that rape is a different kind of crime and that individuals falsely accused of rape are in a different league from those falsely accused of theft for instance.As stated above it is far more easier to accuse a decent man of rape than of other crimes. All it would take for a clean man to be falsely charged of rape is a conscience ridden female friend.

In my general view, the media and their over zealousness are the greatest obstacles to administration of criminal justice in the UK. I believe this Minister was scared of how his view may be interpreted. I would support defendant anonymity of defendants in rape cases because of the unique nature of the crime of rape!

In the case of rape, there seems to be political pressures here and there for more convictions. My fear is that undue hysteria about convicting people for rape could cause injustice!

All that is needed is a reliable legal system that does not allow itself to be swayed by media induced sentiments!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

British Genuinely Blacks, Politically Blacks and Race Mongering

I should never have found time to write anything not particularly pressing now due to the many challenges I am currently facing , but I just felt I cannot go to bed without commenting on what I have just read on today’s London Evening Standard (07 July 2010).
At page 24 is a story with a title: “£100,000 appeal to stop portrait of freed slave going abroad”. Of course, this title caught my attention right away, but I soon noticed that the portrait which is pictured bedside the story appeared too civilised and too Arabic to have been a genuinely freed African slave as both the title and the first line of the story suggest.
Without reading further than the first few lines, my stomach was already turning as I found it hard to bear the pain of the falsehood. I took a closer look at the picture and wondered how an African slave (assuming the man was pure Black African (Negro)) could have been able to practice Islam to the extent that he wore a Koran on his neck. However, I encouraged myself to read on.
Before reading beyond the first few lines, I pondered in agony how gullible supposedly enlightened Black opinion leaders have become in Britain as Kwame Kwei-Armah, a prominent Black British man is pictured as one of the supporters of the portrait alongside one Arab African, Zeinab Badawi. The fact that the erudite Kwame who ought to know more than most others about the history of Trans-Atlantic slave Trade can be so easily swayed to dance at the image of an Arab African as the first portrait of a freed African slave worried me to revulsion.
I felt frustrated about how to immediately educate Kwame that the image he is worshiping could have been more of a slave master than a slave.
After calming down a bit, I continued reading the story and unsurprisingly it confirmed that the so-called freed African Slave was in fact a Slave dealer who incidentally was somehow paid back in his own coins. Probably he offended his European slave trading partners and they thought him a lesson or his fellow slave hunters/traders for some reasons conspired and sold him.
How could a person of Kwame’s intellectual standing be so na├»ve to celebrate a portrait of an Arab slave dealer as a portrait of a freed African slave? I can understand the case of some politically black British men and women queuing to moan black this black that as usual, for selfish ends( when it suits them), but cannot understand why a supposedly enlightened Black man like Kwame who ought to know his history, could be so gullible!
For the avoidance of any doubt, I do not have any grudge against Arab Africans and certainly do not say that the alleged freed slave, Suleiman Diallo of The Gambia was not a Black African. All I say is that he was not a pure Ne-gro Black African susceptible to trans-Atlantic slavery because he was a civilised Arab African who was naturally a slave trader (or middleman to European slave masters) rather than a victim. He never fell within the population of potential or actual slave subjects and as such could not have qualified as an African slave in the sense we know.
All I say is that Black people should be informed that our more civilized Arab brothers (including Arab Africans like this man) were principal actors in the transatlantic slave trade. It must also be noted some Black Africans also sold their flesh and blood into slavery and that the wickedness /primitiveness which caused Arab Africans and Black Africans to sell their own people into slavery are still with us!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

BBC 3's Peckham Finishing School for Girls: The Worst TV Programme

The short programme info says: Four privileged girls taste life on the other side of the tracks...
This 3 part documentary featured the so-called privileged girls acting like White messiahs visiting a previously unknown primitive village in an Amazonian forest.

There are a few interesting things in the programme, fascinating Peckham individuals, but the so-called posh girls acted in the most depressing manners like people falling from another planet to find strange creatures in Peckham.

My beef about some girls falling from the countryside to posh up to some Peckham girls in a civilised man discovers a previously uncontacted primitive people in a jungle manner is that it is plainly fake.

If you are so posh that you are unfamiliar with rap music or Jamaican dance hall and most of what you would see in Peckham urban life, you may have excommunicated your self from the society.
Even members of the royal family, the poshest of the posh would not be as fake and what the hell is that towards Pekham as these frustrated, self obsessed so-called posh girls.
It is a shame that the BBC uses licence payers' money to sponsor pointless programmes like this.