Friday, 28 March 2008

White Supremacists will Lose Again!

I feel sad I am unable to make it to Zimbabwe to help provide alternative views and information to the world, but here in Johannesburg, I can feel the determination of the majority of Zimbabweans to once again show the world they reject colonialism in all its ramifications!
I have severally maintained that the only reason why the white world is obsessed about Zimbabwe is because white farmers were sacked from the land they stole from the people. I have had more reasons to affirm my belief since arrival in Johannesburg two days ago. I have so far observed white dominated media organizations in South Africa are working tirelessly in favour of Zimbabwean opposition candidates. If you are in South Africa and read only white newspapers or watch white television channels like the one they call e channel, you probably would believe that 99% of Zimbabweans are anti-Mugabe as only anti-Mugabe news and views are aired by them. I have read Black controlled newspapers like the Sowetan and found that Mugabe is still the hero of Zimbabwe.
God Bless the majority of Zimbabweans for refusing to be recolonized