Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots: Talking Posh and Evasiveness Cannot Save Britain from a More Serious Race Relations Crisis!

Yes, Britain is undoubtedly a Broken Society, but Evasiveness will not mend Britain!!
The misdiagnosis has already begun with people playing politics by linking the unrests with cut in public sector. If we can be honest for once, the so-called cuts which some out-of-touch Liberal politicians would blame for every crisis has not significantly reduced the amount of income each person on dole receives. This is not difficult to find out as you can simply go to direct.gov.uk and check the welfare benefit entitlement the most worst off British resident.

The real underlying problem in Britain is Race Inequality which the government chooses to tackle by denial and false propaganda!
The government and the media of Britain are either populated by deeply ignorant people or have been dubiously perpetuating false race equality practices. The crisis that has engulfed London and other cities of Britain mainly led by clearly misguided “deprived” ethnic minorities in my view is a natural consequence of false democracy and false race equality in Britain.

The truth is that we live in a country that specialises in preaching (to its citizenry and the world), the kind of equality and openness it clearly does not practice and probably has no genuine intention of ever practicing.

If educated and or competent Black men cannot obtain befitting jobs due to fake race equality, they naturally would be far less likely to make stable homes. Tell me how many gainfully employed parents would have their children roaming the streets by 10pm?

If young Black males are not given equal access and opportunities to engage in apprenticeship/ work experience when they should, how do we expect that they gain entry into the labour market and become responsible members of the society?