Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ed Miliband

I must say that I have been since the inception of the Labour Leadership campaigns, disgusted with the manner the media (acting in the interest of the political establishment) brainwashed and imposed either Ed or David Milliband on the public.
The people never stood any chance of electing a labour leader whose name is not a Miliband. Diane Abott despite being far more recognisable and far more experienced was never given any publicity and was in fact only propped up by one of the Milibands.
My disgust actually turned to more fascination than anger (about British politics) after it took one of the Milibands to get Diane on the ballot. I became fascinated about how British politics works ( in gangs just like Nigeria or indeed based on individual convictions).
How did the Miliband brothers become heavyweights in the Parliament over Diane (an old soldier) and numerous others?
Now that a Miliband has won, but not the Miliband favoured by the media and the strongest gang in the parliament, I have no choice but to watch like everyone else. I am however happy not just that the better looking Miliband won, but that the main favourite did not win. It is interesting when both the media and political establishments are unable to have their way exactly. Much more interesting is what could happen before or in the next election.
I predict that Ed will either not last till next elections or will lose because he is not fully accepted!
It is up to the Unions to rally round their man and refuse to be pushed, but it is also up to the new leader and the unions to appeal to Middle England as it is called, in order to have any chance of smelling 10 Downing Street!